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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) on “Climate Action”, and “Life on Land”, and “Below Water” set the planetary boundaries for all other SDGs.

Decoupling CO2 emission reduction from economic development will be a challenge the world needs to tackle.

The Pyletech Group understands the need of energy transition from an energy world  dependent on  fossil sources to one without them.

Natural gas when burnt emits less CO2 than other fossil fuels.

The Group through its subsidiaries, Pyletech Capital II Limited and Pyletech Energy Limited invests in LNG terminals, infrastructure logistics, including transportation, and trading of LNG.

The Pyletech Group understands the need to replace fossil fuels with other energy sources that do not emit CO2 or do not increase the existing emissions of CO2.

The Group, through its subsidiaries headed by Solarmacht Investments Limited invests, develops and manages photovoltaic parcs.

The Group, through its subsidiaries headed by Pyletech Technologies Limited, invests in nuclear technologies in the SMR field and in storage of electricity technologies.

The Group also invests in the production of synthetic carbon neutral fuels.

This latter area will also help the Group in its shipping  activities. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) imposes stringent CO2 emission vessel requirements by 2050.

Synthetic carbon neutral fuels can help transition the shipping industry and meet the 2050 IMO requirements, until Hydrogen and other non carbon based fuels are developed technologically and produced in a cost effective manner.



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